This site is dedicated to cataloging the location and history of iron furnaces and iron related industrial sites in the State of Virginia. Because many of the sites were built, used and even abandoned prior to the Civil War, this site also includes those furnaces and iron production related industrial sites in the State of West Virginia.

This site is growing much more slowly than I had anticipated. At this point, there is very little information about the furnaces themselves and most of what can be found here is simply a listing of the furnaces. Another problem is that this listing is not definitive. Many names and locations are conflicting in various historical accounts. I am finding more and more mis-information available on the web or even in published books. This is why this site is growing very slowly and appears incomplete. Much of this information, sometimes even the name of a furnace must first be confirmed with a site or area visit prior to listing it. It was after running into these problems that I decided to build ironfurnaces.com. If you have credible information regarding these furnaces I strongly encourage you to visit ironfurnaces.com and become a site editor. Any information that you load onto the site will be credited as yours.

If you are looking for more specific information regarding the iron furnaces in Botetourt County, please visit The Iron Furnaces of Botetourt County, VA a more informative site, or research them on ironfurnaces.com.

Industrial locations are arranged by county or site name. If you see a site that is listed incorrectly or contains erroneous information of any kind or know of a site that is not listed, please contact me.

Contact information is included for each county's historical society on the associated pages, or on the County Historical Societies Links Page.

If you are interested in the collection of this information and/or the preservation of the sites themselves or just interested in learning more, please visit the Iron Furnace Project at ironfurnaces.com.

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